Sway is a relational organizing tool that lets your activists identify and activate their networks in districts that matter most to your organization or campaign.

Sway lets your activists customize your message and contact dozens of their peers in just seconds.

Step 1.

Prioritize Ridings/ Districts

Whether you're managing an election campaign, nomination contest, a third party get-out-the-vote drive or an advocacy campaign, Sway helps you and your activists focus your resources on where you can make the biggest difference.  National, state/province or municipal/local: rank the electoral districts that matter most.

Step 2.

Recruit Activists

Recruit your activists to download the Sway App on IOS or Android.

Step 3.

Activists assign their networks to priority districts

Visualize district boundaries and where your activists can make the biggest impact with electoral district overlays and prioritization visuals.  Activists can assign their networks to different districts so you can customize peer to peer messages that are candidate or target specific.

Step 4.

Broadcast their networks and track results

With Sway, your activists can customize your message and contact dozens of their peers in seconds via SMS, Email, and WhatsApp all from their personal accounts.
Sway lets you track activist participation and their peer engagement.

Use Cases

Candidate Campaigns

and Nomination contests

Upload registered party members in your electoral district into Sway and let your activists match their Contacts with your party's membership and do a peer to peer endorsement. 

Highlight the boundaries of your electoral district so your activists can reach out to their networks who live there and encourage them to register as a party member and support your candidacy.

Advocacy Campaigns

Show your members which electoral districts and elected officials are priority targets for the bill you're working to pass.  Your activists can add and engage their networks to communicate with your target with your suggested message.

Third Party Election Campaigns

Educate your activists on which districts you need to mobilize voters in to build momentum for your cause.  Your activists can add and engage their peers in your target districts with your message.

Labor organizing

Upload your union drive member lists so your activists can match their Contacts with new members to recruit.