GroundGame is everything an organizer needs, all in one place.  No CSV hopping or data loss.  GroundGame helps you RecruitManage, Broadcast and P2P all from one application.




Sign up members face to face with forms connected to customizable welcome series SMS + Email.

Landing Pages

Our simple landing page wizard lets you customize landing page, thank you page text + welcome series SMS + email.

Bulk Uploads

Canvasing with a clipboard? Upload your names into our CRM and assign them to a tag, landing page or welcome series.




Super lightweight CRM with just the key information on your activist's participation.  Organizers can access and broadcast to the volunteers they have recruited and the members in their hubs.

Surveys + Reports

Build and send basic surveys to better understand your activists and members.
Reports for organizers and campaign managers to understand your leadership ladder.


Broadcast and P2P



Broadcast and P2P SMS.  If you embed a landing page for activists to share, attribute their signups and link clicks.


Send broadcast emails directly from your personal or work accounts.  Track email opens, link clicks and replies, and skip the spam or promotions tab.

Phone (coming soon)

Power dialer and predictive dialer linked with your broadcast and P2P  numbers.  No more "unknown caller".